I Have a Boba Fetish

Hey everyone, I made a Star Wars parody video that I'm really proud to share. We launched earlier this week and seem to have been buried by the holidays. I'm leaning on my List App peeps to help spread the word. Watch and share if you can, and happy holidays! http://youtu.be/hRM5FLpKW2g
  1. Here is Boba on set with Bossk and Lady Fett (that rhymes)
  2. Here is the Boba hologram that we made
  3. Here is Darth Vader meeting the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder
  4. Here's an imperial officer smelling a fart
  5. Here's Boba with a cookie cake
  6. Here's me and Boba looking tough
  7. Here's Bossk digging in the trash
  8. Here is Boba with Garindan AKA "Long Snoot"
  9. Here is Princess Leia with a bottle of champagne
  10. And here is just a funny joke I found on the Internet