Per request, here's some salacious tidbits about the making of Straight Outta Gotham, my music video mash-up of NWA and Batman. Check it out here:
  1. I did not have sex with any of the members of the cast. YET.
  2. We filmed for 1.5 days in July in Atlanta. Tip: don't film outside in July in Atlanta.
  3. When we were filming all the villains on the sidewalk at the end of Day 1, a dad and his kid stopped us and asked to get a photo. I wish I could have a copy of that photo.
  4. When we were filming Joker and Harley by the wall with the spiral graffiti, we were set upon by approx 540,000 mosquitoes.
  5. The shot of the coffee cup falling off the back of the Batmobile is a direct reference to the original Straight Outta Compton video.
  6. Riddler snapped his cane in half by accident on the second take. We had to tape it up. That cane was a piece of shit.
  7. The villains' costumes, minus the vests and the Joker's shoes, were purchased at a thrift store for about $100. Batman and Robin's costumes were considerably more expensive, but were still a bargain. Tip: buy Halloween costumes in June.
  8. I couldn't sleep after the first day of shooting (too much adrenaline) so I came up with the idea of spray-painting "HA" across the steel bin that appears in the video. I did this at about midnight in my driveway.
  9. Bane's mask cost $35 on Amazon.
  10. The Dodge Viper in the video belongs to my co-producer's father-in-law. That car's engine is 690 hp and sounds like a fucking jet plane, no exaggeration. I was in the back of the van when Joker pulls alongside it, and the Viper's engine actually made the walls of the van vibrate.
  11. Everyone who worked on the video volunteered their time and talent. I could not have done it without them.
  12. My out-of-pocket expenses totaled about $5k.
  13. I did not make the video to monetize it. I made it to establish myself as a writer/director and to hopefully escape the corporate nightmare of my day job.
  14. Batman is probably my favorite superhero. But I also love Captain America. Regardless, I think there are too many comic book movies.
  15. I have a super brief cameo in the video. Can you find me??