C'mon folks, get your act together!
  1. When you are having Internet issues and tech support tells you to go to their website
  2. When everyone at the boarding gate swarms the door like that will get them on faster or something
  3. When a place stays open late "for your convenience" but really you need them to open earlier
  4. When the HOV lane allows you to fill your car with children when in reality that does absolutely nothing to reduce the number of drivers on the road
  5. When an "all ages" show starts at 11 pm
  6. When a car speeds past you only to arrive at the next red light sooner than you do
  7. When you punish the people who obtain your copyright-protected material legally more than the people who steal it
  8. When you go out of your way to be totally above board with your taxes and this fact causes you to get audited
  9. When homework is more work for the parents than for the kids
  10. When digital media costs more than physical media even though there is less overhead cost associated with digital media
  11. When a company fires people to save money but keeps all the people who got them into mess in the first place
  12. When anyone asks you to fax something, ever