1. Taking money from spouse's/partner's wallet/purse
  2. Stealing that parking spot
  3. Getting caught masturbating
  4. Ignoring that email/text/voicemail
  5. Forgetting Mother's Day/Father's Day
  6. Murdering your pet/someone else's pet
  7. Denying your sexuality
  8. Being a racist
  9. Hating on the retarded kid
  10. Flushing my drugs down the toilet
  11. Fingering my wife/someone else's wife
  12. Using the last of the milk
  13. Disagreeing with my Facebook status
  14. Pretending like you care when it's 100% obvious that you don't give a shit
  15. Being an asshole
  16. Defending Kanye and/or Kim
  17. Pushing your/my sibling down a flight of stairs
  18. Raping the Middle Class
  19. Raping anyone
  20. Stealing cable