I made an earlier list about this, but by way of explanation: I went back to my parents' house a few months ago to help my mom and dad begin the slow and laborious process of going through old stuff to prepare for eventual downsizing. (This is probably a few years from now.) Anyway, Phase I began with my boyhood closet. Here's some of what I found:
  1. The source of all my ideas
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  2. Magical Musical Thing
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  3. Lazer Tag hat for cool guys
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  4. Plastic mini NFL helmets
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  5. Rock n Roll pins
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  6. FitBit 1.0
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  7. E.T. key chain
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  8. Led Zep wall tapestry
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  9. Ren & Stimpy game
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  10. Broken Garfield mug that my sister gave me
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  11. Crossbows and Catapults! (Saved this for my boys)
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  12. The app keeps crashing -- stand by for more in Pt. 2!!