This is a continuation of a previous list. However feel free to jump in mid-stream. You'll catch on.
  1. Dark Tower (minus the tower, sadly)
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  2. A letter from Milton Bradley apologizing for their shitty Dark Towers
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  3. Magic tricks (every kid goes through this phase)
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  4. Seat belt safety VHS promoting a "safety belt lifestyle"
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  5. Werewolf mask
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  6. Disc camera
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  7. Mix tapes that prove I was, in fact, at one time pretty cool
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  8. Cub Scout/Webelos neckerchiefs
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  9. Boglin (these fetch a lot on eBay!)
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  10. Mad Libs (never quite as funny as you want them to be)
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  11. Make-A-Plate
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  12. Star Wars puzzles
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  13. My AD&D binder
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  14. Wow, there's still a bunch more. Stand by for Part 3!