The third and final installment in the epic trilogy! Finally, we answer all your questions, including, "But where's the porn?!?"
  1. Le Clic
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  2. Merlin!
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  3. Slot Shot
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  4. Stop Thief!
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  5. D&D electronic game (best cover art ever?)
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  6. A car that belonged to my neighbor Richard who was one year younger than me and I begged him to trade me for it and he wouldn't do it so when he wasn't looking I STOLE IT and I still feel like shit about it -- a personal low point
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  7. Giant comic book coloring books (very cool)
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  8. The stupidest toy of all time
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  9. Mighty Max instructions (Mighty Max himself nowhere to be found)
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  10. Pepsi puzzle
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  11. Pyramid clock
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  12. Pornography <blush>
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