Things I Found in My Boyhood Closet, Now With Photos (Part 3)

The third and final installment in the epic trilogy! Finally, we answer all your questions, including, "But where's the porn?!?"
  1. Le Clic
  2. Merlin!
  3. Slot Shot
  4. Stop Thief!
  5. D&D electronic game (best cover art ever?)
  6. A car that belonged to my neighbor Richard who was one year younger than me and I begged him to trade me for it and he wouldn't do it so when he wasn't looking I STOLE IT and I still feel like shit about it -- a personal low point
  7. Giant comic book coloring books (very cool)
  8. The stupidest toy of all time
  9. Mighty Max instructions (Mighty Max himself nowhere to be found)
  10. Pepsi puzzle
  11. Pyramid clock
  12. Pornography <blush>