If this seems humblebraggy, I apologize. I have crewed on many film sets before, but today was my first experience as a director, on a small passion project of my own devising. It was a great experience. Here were my takeaways.
  1. Directing is hard
  2. Directing is fun
  3. There are no auteurs on a film set; it is a true collaboration
  4. Planning is key
  5. However, planning for every eventuality is impossible
  6. Often, the best takes are things you never planned for anyway
  7. Unlike many jobs on a film set, the director is busy the entire time
  8. Directing is exhausting
  9. Directors have to answer lots of questions
  10. Always remember to say "roll camera" BEFORE you say "action"
  11. If the camera crew is laughing, then you are probably doing something right