No one has claimed the $800M jackpot so it has now ballooned to over a billion dollars. Best practice dictates that you have a plan outlined for when you win.
  1. Get yourself a decent election from the Koch brothers
  2. Build log flume
  3. Launch reality show about how your life hasn't been ruined at all
  4. Quit job via parade
  5. Find life partner who loves you for who you are, as well as for your mansion collection
  6. Write memoir about how you're just a normal person that likes to hang out in your jammies and eat pizza
  7. Start online gift basket business targeting horse owners
  8. Adopt fake British accent
  9. Put dollar signs on every item in your house
  10. Recruit entourage of leeches (actual leeches)
  11. Build underground base and/or first outdoor bowling alley
  12. Develop serious caviar habit