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Saw this as a recommended list and got really excited because I already have tons of these written down
  1. Things that are Illegal in my Country
  2. No One Cares if it's Your Birthday
  3. Don't Talk to Me About Your Dog
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  1. Start franchising fast food restaurants/coffee shops and only buy real estate right next to high schools
  2. Play a football game in a graveyard on halloween
    No one else at my school was into this idea
  3. Chick-fil-A delivery
    This is not a revolutionary idea!!! This is absolutely necessary!!!!
I felt like I died and went to blazer heaven
  1. United States
    I mean Ralph Lauren you guys
  2. Australia
    So preppy and bright
  3. Barbados
    I respect anyone who can pull off yellow like that
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I have many lists on my notes app - more than I want to put on here. So here's a few of my favs. A list of lists.
  1. Movies for Sophie to watch
    C/o my friend
  2. #goals
  3. Recipes
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Very popular list so I thought I'd try my hand
  1. Picking up the handles of a tote bag
  2. The little click at the end of a Ziploc bag
  3. Gift wrapping books
    So rectangular, nice corners
6 more...
  1. Siberia
    I don't care how "pretty" the snow may be, there is just no need for humans up there.
  2. Suez Canal
    I almost went here but I did not feel like likely getting shot... Also, it just seems really anticlimatic.
  3. Tibet
    When I was little, I read a really freaky book about a guy lost in Tibet and I've been scared to death of that place ever since.
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Plus some uber-glamorous pictures of those places.
  1. Japan
    sushi + big cities + gardens + orderly people who make you take your shoes off inside = why do i not live there now?
  2. The Amalfi Coast
    PRETTY LITTLE BEACHES IN ITALY how could you not
  3. Zurich
    I would like to eat Swiss chocolate at a little cafe in Zurich and then drive to the mountains and breathe the air thats probably really fresh and run like I'm in the Sound of Music.
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you'll always be clemsongirlbec to me ❤️
  1. Her username
  2. She's funnier than almost everyone I know
  3. She gives great quotes
    "Life's a competition, but only if I'm winning"
7 more...
  1. Spitting in public
  2. Free-roaming animals
    (Squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits excepted). Control your pets, people.
  3. Naming your child whatever you want
    Please consult the National Index of Approved Names
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