Lists on my phone

I have many lists on my notes app - more than I want to put on here. So here's a few of my favs. A list of lists.
  1. Movies for Sophie to watch
    C/o my friend
  2. #goals
  3. Recipes
  4. Tweets that I'll never tweet
  5. Topics to do research projects on/potential senior thesis ideas
  6. Summer reading
  7. Prettiest places in SC
    For road trips, obvi
  8. Favorite movies (not ranked)
  9. Favorite quotes
  10. Things I feel slightly bad about
  11. Little things I like
  12. Potential careers
  13. Names I don't hate
  14. Favorite actors/actresses
  15. Potential places to live
  16. Things that are illegal in my country
  17. Things to do before Theo leaves for college
  18. People on MY LIST
    aka people who have wronged me
  19. Elementary thoughts that would be impressive but not anymore
    kinda hard to explain but it makes sense
  20. Alter egos
  21. Role models and style icons