Plus some uber-glamorous pictures of those places.
  1. Japan
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    sushi + big cities + gardens + orderly people who make you take your shoes off inside = why do i not live there now?
  2. The Amalfi Coast
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    PRETTY LITTLE BEACHES IN ITALY how could you not
  3. Zurich
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    I would like to eat Swiss chocolate at a little cafe in Zurich and then drive to the mountains and breathe the air thats probably really fresh and run like I'm in the Sound of Music.
  4. Jerusalem
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    Well, not right now. Like once it calms down over there. I just want to see what all the fuss is about.
  5. Monte Carlo
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    Where I can finally pursue my dreams of pretending I'm rich and gambling in fancy casinos until I marry a prince
  6. Dubai
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    I just feel like you've gotta be really fucking cool to live here.
  7. The Greek Islands
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    I know that I may not ever feel truly content with my life until I get to walk around the streets and swim in the water and eat at the restaurants on these beautiful little islands and pretend I'm in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #goals