1. Siberia
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    I don't care how "pretty" the snow may be, there is just no need for humans up there.
  2. Suez Canal
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    I almost went here but I did not feel like likely getting shot... Also, it just seems really anticlimatic.
  3. Tibet
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    When I was little, I read a really freaky book about a guy lost in Tibet and I've been scared to death of that place ever since.
  4. Area 51
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    Regardless of aliens or not, you just know shit goes down over there.
  5. Eagleton, IN
    Obviously not.
  6. Mongolia
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    Just really not my aesthetic.
  7. My basement
    I think that there may have been mild flooding down there and I know that there is an evil colony of rats for sure.
  8. The Church of Scientology
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    Nope nope nope nope nope