While Hamilton is hot stuff on Broadway right now, did you know that it plays fast and loose with actual historical facts?
  1. Adams did not fire Hamilton
    Hamilton resigned on his own because he had just auditioned for American Idol and had made the first round of cuts.
  2. King George was not a good singer
    I mean, he was OK, but his falsetto was terrible and his vocal range in the show stretches any amount of believability.
  3. Philip Hamilton was not killed in a duel
    He died of injuries sustained when he was dropped from a dangerous height by an escaped Pteranodon on the island of Isla Nublar.
  4. There were four Schuyler sisters
    Though the fourth (Volta) was eventually revealed to be a humanoid automaton created by Benjamin Franklin.
  5. Marquis de Lafayette
    The entire character of Lafayette is fictional and was added to the show when actor Daveed Diggs did the most hilarious French accent during casting.