There are many different kinds of trick/treaters that arrive on Halloween.
  1. Babies
    They're not really trick or treating so much as being dragged around by parents for the sake of cute pictures and making memories.
  2. Zealous Kids
    They understand Halloween and love it. They shout "trick or treat" loudly and sincerely and are actually appreciative of the free candy you give them. The trick or treat gold standard.
  3. Shy Kids
    They're not sure about this whole approaching strangers' houses thing but everyone else seems to like it. They travel with zealous kids and let those overexcited friends do the shouting. They just sidle up and collect candy a second later.
  4. Overzealous Kids
    Like zealous kids but ring your doorbell 13 times despite it only taking you 5 seconds to open the door.
  5. Parent
    Usually hangs back but stands within eye/earshot and whose primary role is to remind the children to say thank you.
  6. Ambivalent Tween
    They feel like they're getting too old for all this but they also still really like it and they mumble trick or treat but their costumes are still pretty on point and man their life is just so hard.
  7. Sibling Teen
    Helping a younger sibling out means they have the perfect cover to continue to trick or treat. The ones who have pair/related costumes are the real heroes.
  8. In It For The Candy Teen
    Little to no costume. Pillow case.
  9. Sincere Teen with Amazing Costume
    Future ComicCon cosplayers/contestants on Project Runway.