1. "Jurassic Park" the jeeps wheels spun and the lights lit up. I remember going on a drunken search for one of my dangling pterodactyls to eventually find it wound around the herbivore herd up my shoulder
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  2. Part 2 of my Jurassic Park costume when I got too hot but wanted to stay in character.
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  3. I was in a museum, they had togas. I had to try one on
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  4. Velma from Scooby doo second year of uni. Someone thought this was my real hair after we met for the first time that night and on our second meeting exclaimed my hair had grown super fast.
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  5. "Assaulted on a night on, but smiling through the pain" aka helping a pal doing an sfx course
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  6. Dress as a sporting hero at work. I chose Sir Edmund Hilary so I could wear a moustache. I was the only one to dress up and thus won the competition.
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  7. When going to see Rocky Horror, dressing up is mandatory.
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  8. Robin Hood- Disney style. I literally butchered a kid's fox outfit to get the ears and tail.
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  9. I had a bit of downtime working at a cinema while the films were on
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