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  1. To learn about "regular" people and not just follow celebs (don't be "that guy")
  2. Because I heard at least 2 interviews of him promoting list and then I joined (sort of a I scratch your back, you ... thing)
  3. Because I have zero followers and really really really would love to be able to say that @bjnovak was first to follow
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  1. I'd pretty much trade places with Anthony Bourdain @Bourdain because I just think he's got it all figured out. Experiencing all cultures, meeting people across the earth, experimenting with diff foods, always learning and trying something new. plus he's all around awesome, charming and intelligent. Can I do all of that?
  2. Nothing can follow that so it's a short list
  1. 1.
    Love her and I remember this scene. It's when she found out her hubs cheated
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    I got nothing
  3. 3.
    That sums it up
  1. pancakes is ready!
  2. at a bus stop in Singapore
  3. father and son
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