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  1. Doughnut Vault
    I'm a sucker for an old fashioned so this is my #1. Unique flavors (including a daily special), great food truck, moist throughout (stop pretending to hate the word moist). Only complaint is the ridiculously long lines at their hole in the wall location -- the adorable patio outside the shop, and obviously the donuts, make it worth it though.
  2. Stan's Donuts
    This place made me fall in love with donuts. Great locations, huge variety of flavors/types of donuts, friendly workers, and on weekends donut window is open late (@ wicker park location). I will admit that I have had a more high quality donut but that doesn't matter when it's filled with ridiculous amounts of Nutella and fresh banana slices.
  3. Glazed and Infused
    Locations all over the city make it convenient & the menu changes keep you coming back for more. I would go for either cake or old fashioned from them. A worker gave me a free donut my first time there so they truly love their customers!
  4. Firecakes
    Might just be personal preference but I did not enjoy the yeast donut I tried (although toppings were good). The triple valrhona chocolate cake donut was 👍🏼 though. Known for their donut ice cream sandwiches but I have yet to try one. Great food truck too!
  5. Bombo Bar
    This window attached to Bar Siena serves Italian bombolini (basically a round donut with filling) and coffee. I tried the salted caramel and it was amazing!! Will have to try other flavors.
  6. Dinkel's Bakery
    This place has been around for a long time and they know what they're doing. The chocolate cake donut I got was served warm and tasted great. I'll have to try more from here!
  7. Do-Rite Donuts
    Only one tiny location but good variety of donuts. Reasonable prices & best fritters. They often collab with celebrities or political figures to make a special donut for the week. The old fashioned donuts I've tried have all been a little dry but the glaze on top partially made up for it.
  8. Beaver's Donuts
    The donuts are mini and served with your choice of topping. The cinnamon sugar tasted pretty good but every other topping was a bit too much (flavor and price). They do have a food truck.