I binge watched this way too fast because other nursing majors kept throwing shade at me for having never seen it
  1. Surgeons do the work of doctors, nurses, and even CNAs
    Surgeons (even surgical interns) would never have to deal with 90% of this shit in real life. They would delegate it because they would be doing surgical things. Actually, they wouldn't even have to delegate it because changing a wound dressing or removing a fecal impaction WOULD NEVER BE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY
  2. They break sterile field almost every time
    Alex Karev is the #1 culprit
  3. The surgical intern's hair always looks FLAWLESS
    They sleep at the hospital, are supposedly up for 72 hours straight, and screw each other constantly but still their hair has volume and curls are perfectly in place
  4. Everyone cheats on each other
    ***spoiler alert*** happens in basically every relationship in this damn show, EVEN THE PERFECT ONES (ugh)
  5. They cross some major lines with patients
    Whether it's going against patient wishes, flirting and/or hooking up with the patient, or blatantly disrespecting them it is guaranteed to happen in almost every episode
  6. Patients come back from the dead
    when you flatline, you flatline .... sorry but u dead boo boo
  7. They are inconsistent about salary
    The same person who said "I can't afford a place to live" said that they don't do their own laundry and send it out because "I'm a doctor"
  8. People walk in and out of the OR like it's nbd
    My favorite is when someone walks into the OR to bitch out the person cutting open a patient on the table for something super petty. You couldn't wait until they don't have a scalpel and someone's future in their hands????
    Her character just leaves and is barely mentioned again. In season 10 they reminisce about their intern days and fail to even mention her. You lived with her!! Worked with her!!! Married her!! Fought cancer with her!! YOU WERE BEST FRIENDS WITH HER!!!!
  10. There's at least 45 seconds of staring before every kiss
    Aka 45 seconds of me screaming at my computer in frustration because they usually are kissing someone who should be forbidden
  11. They take pictures of patients, cool injuries, etc.
    Does HIPAA not apply here or ...
  12. They're all gorgeous
    Beautiful people can just f right off
  13. They give long dramatic speeches when answering simple questions
    Tbh I would probably walk away after max 3 sentences
  14. They made a singing episode
    Also known as the most uncomfortable 43 minutes of my life