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    "Are you wearing a cape? Is donut authority a super power?"
    Answer: yes
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    "These look great! I'll have Daddy take me soon!! Thanks for stopping by my page earlier!"
    From an Instagram run by a "5 year old girl" (*cough* her dad). I may have unliked the picture of theirs that I had previously liked because I was creeped out...
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    "This is creepy"
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    "Donut Authority huh... big call. haha 😋"
    sorry I'm ambitious, Vincent W
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    "like admiral Akmir would say "it's a trap!" That is no donut that's square!!! Lolol"
    I think you mean Admiral Ackbar? good one?
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    "Nice shot, yummy 😋Do come by my food gallery and please support, thankyou! Enjoy!"
    one problem: this food gallery is in Singapore