perfect romantic setups that ultimately amounted to nothing
  1. Jan from Up Comedy Club
    I was seeing a show called #DateMe (like could it get any better???) in Chicago and was picked out of the audience. Jan (pronounced Yahn), a 22 year old hottie from Amsterdam who loved reading and the Rolling Stones, was picked as well. We talked for a while backstage and after the show but never ended up seeing each other again.
  2. Patient in room 402
    I was assigned to gather information on a 21 year old male who was admitted to the Orthopedic unit earlier that day. I had just started to look at his chart and labs when I was informed he was discharged. Never even got to see him, but I imagine he was the cutest one there (everyone else was age 60+).
  3. Starbucks Man
    I was drinking coffee and studying, as usual, when a handsome dark-haired hunk waiting in line smiled my way. Naturally, I turned away as quickly as I could and suddenly broke eye contact. He ordered a pike place with no room for cream or sugar (which happens to be my usual order, ugh).