1. S Club 7
    '00s Australian pop band, duh
  2. Workers' comp
    Stage a fall in your company freezer and live lavishly for years to come
  3. Using Tinder to find a free place to sleep
    a little risky, a little degrading, a lot of fun (unless you're killed)
  4. Pineapple on pizza
    Pineapple, pork, pizza = triple threat
  5. Crosswalks
    cars legally have to stop for you and if they don't you can sue for a lot of $$$$
  6. Switzerland
    they basically just sit back with their billions of dollars and watch the world burn. bonus: both the country and people are gorgeous and everyone seems to be trilingual
  7. Cake/sugar cones
    these come for free with a scoop of ice cream yet most people still settle for the cup or pay for the waffle cone. go big or go home, I guess.
  8. Robes
    the perfect balance between nudity and warmth
  9. Olivia Wilde
    charitable, hilarious, scary good cheekbones, talented actress, great style, and married to Jason Sudeikis. can I please have your life?
  10. The word 'ineffable'
    it means "too great to be expressed in words". use it to get out of having to actually speak while simultaneously coming off as extremely deep and intelligent.
  11. Corduroys
    so soft, so trendy (trust me) (maybe) (I swear they're coming back) (probably not)
  12. Doc McStuffins
    kids show with a diverse female lead who is low key a doctor (despite being six years old). enjoyable and inspiring for all ages. got a 6.9/10 on IMDb because message boards are accusing her of witchcraft but I give it a solid 10/10.
  13. Stealing toilet paper from public restrooms
    depending on the location this is morally okay. remember to bring a big purse.
  14. The List App