I grew up in LA at a great time for music. You should listen to these bands.
  1. Claw Hammer- a lost treasure from the pre-grunge LA scene that produced L7 and Hole. Imagine Beefheart sandwiched with the MC5, but with songwriting skills.
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  2. The Pontiac Brothers- technically from Fullerton, but whatevs, this was Claw Hammer frontman John Wahl's previous band, a great mid-80s exploration into the kind of Stones-y side of "roots garage" that we would later see with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
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  3. The Negro Problem- from the early 90s Silverlake psych-pop scene came this short-lived outfit that wrote trippy pop songs with odd and magical chord changes. Featuring Stew, who would later win a Tony award!
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  4. Rank and File- risen from the ashes of early LA punk band The Dils, Rank and File were part of the brief but fruitful LA roots rock scene that produced The Knitters and The Blasters. Rank and File did roots, country, and punk before Jason Isbell was even pooping his diapers.
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  5. The Lazy Cowgirls- once upon a time, there was a label called Sympathy For The Record Industry, and they put out great records by bands like the Lazy Cowgirls, a classic Les Paul punk band in the vein of Radio Birdman and the Stooges, but with a very LA tinge.
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