This list is not approved for all pocket sizes. Mostly the size of the pocket on a business casual shirt.
  1. Hamster. An obvious choice for pocket animal. Like a rat, but smaller and the hair is different? Also no tail, what's with that?
  2. Some lizards. Now I know what you're thinking. There are some pretty big lizards out there. But I've seen quite a few that could fit in a pocket!
  3. Worms. Not a lot of people consider worms animals, but they're dead wrong! Worms live in dirt and you shouldn't touch them or buy them off the internet.
  4. Almost any baby animal. When animals are babies, they're usually pretty small. I've seen lots of pictures online of little baby animals. Most of them look like they can fit in your average pocket.
  5. Hamster. Did I say hamster before? I don't think so.