Art In My Apartment

We're super cultured
  1. The Hernandezes
    I found this bad boy sitting outside the student center at my college one night and I knew I needed to make them mine. It's autographed "Hernandez 1986". Where does his arm go? Why do her eyes look so dead? Why are there still pencil marks? This is my favorite thing that I possess in this mortal life
  2. Fauxthko
    In 2011 I sublet this apartment in the UWS for a summer while the resident was in Arizona or New Mexico or San Jose or something. While we were there, he got evicted, and didn't have time or money to come back to New York and pack up all his stuff. So instead, he told us to take whatever we wanted on our way out. This included two paintings by his wife. One went to my friend whom I don't live with anymore and the other is this one. It's a Rothko copy except that it's not the right dimensions??
  3. Cool black girl pt 1
    Speaking of evictions, last summer my upstairs neighbors got evicted and they put these two paintings in the vestibule to throw out. I rescued them
  4. Cool black girl pt 2
    These are actually reproductions, like art pieces you would buy at Target or Pier 1 or something but they're awesome
  5. Sam Greene
    In college our apartment decided to all get portraits done except only 2 of the 6 of us went through with it. When Sam graduated early he left his behind and now it stays with us. His then-girlfriend-now-wife painted it from memory.
  6. Rite of Spring
    Speaking of Sam Greene, he also left behind this, which he painted while listening to the Rite of Spring for some music class project. Btw music college is a joke.
  7. The Jaguar. Leopard? Cheetah?
    I know what you've been thinking. "Wait, Scott, is all of your art stolen?" Well no it is not! I bought this bad boy for $20! I figured out the proper cat once but I keep forgetting what it is and I don't care.
  8. Pj
    Some dude on the subway charcoaled my roommate Pj.
  9. I Just Want To Ride Bikes With You
    When I said 2 out of 6 of us got our portraits done, I was the other one.
  10. Kitschy New York Skyline
    This past Christmas season I worked a retail job at one of those pop up stores and the booth next to ours was this woman who did these paintings and at the end of the holidays she sold this one to me for half price
  11. Luke and BB-8
    To be honest, I'm not positive where this one came from. I think Pj's girlfriend bought it for him for Christmas