Posters In My Room

As a follow up to Art In My Apartment. Art In My Apartment
  1. Carly Slay Jepsen
  2. From that time Mitski and I had our senior composition recital on 4/20 with a 20 piece orchestra
    My ex girlfriend Liza made this and it's SO cool she's the best. So is Mitski, but everyone knows that already
  3. Hot. Ready. Legal
    My friend Madeline got this for me
  4. Scott Bieber
    She also got me this one
  5. My one true love
    Framed, Aly Raisman. 3-time Olympic Medalist!
  6. I 🙂 Friday
    Rebecca Black! Framed. Autographed!!
  7. #GilliesTakeDallas
    From that time I traveled to Dallas with a bunch of strangers to see a live podcast recording
  8. Park Jimin
    From 15&
  9. Baek Yerin
    Also from 15&
  10. Some photo booth pics from Treasure Island
  11. More photo booth pics
    Most from being on tour as well except that second one which was with some friends and comedian Jason Nash in Brooklyn
  12. Poster from Corona Capital festival in Mexico City
  13. My Everything
    It got ripped during a make out sesh with this girl who refused to acknowledge that she was the weird one for not liking Seinfeld and didn't care that my poster ripped. Never saw her again. Look close, though, my name is printed on that bad boy
  14. See! My name is in the background of the poster
    Because I pre-ordered the album 💁
  15. Girls' Generation Party
    I thought I would hate SNSD after Jessica left/was kicked out but NOPE I love this album. Got this poster at KCON NY in 2015
  16. Babette Ate Oatmeal
  17. Big Time Rush
    From their 24/7 album era
  18. Ga-in's Talk About S
    Probably the best k-pop mini album ever??
  19. Ga-in's Truth or Dare
    Also so great!
  20. Tig Notaro: I'm Just a Person
    Came when I pre-ordered the book, which is GREAT by the way
  21. Call Me Maybe
    Greatest pop song of all time