The occasional over indulgence.
  1. You wake up to a gaggle of children that require food, juice and attention. That simple task that you perform every morning now becomes the equivalent of getting clean water to Africa.
  2. You stare at the coffee pot cursing yourself for not preparing the pot the night before. No one is enjoying any coffee anytime soon.
  3. Alka seltzer immediately becomes age appropriate and 100% necessary. 4oz of water in a cup, just drop the tablets in there and walk away.
  4. The inevitable situation that either your wife is as hungover as you or didn't partake in the festivities. Either way, the day becomes a battle ground over chores, meals and nap time. Kids diapers become a domestic Cold War.
  5. A child will find your safe haven, where you have chosen to hide to sleep, and destroy you. No naps allowed, ever. Get up and play. Three kids end up with an hour of 'horsey' rides while I am on all fours.
  6. Family dinner is pizza and in the living room. Everyone is happy.
  7. Story time is dangerous. Two pages of Harry Potter and the whole squad is out like a light.