We have all been there, but not everyone ended in the back of a police car...
  1. Inciting a riot in downtown Buffalo. It went down in the line for street meat. Hot dogs were never so serious. Never got my food, but at least I got breakfast in the holding center the next morning.
  2. Getting thrown out of a 3-on-3 basketball tourney three years in a row at age 10 through 13. Puberty and street ball don't mix.
  3. Breaking into someone's house for a glass of milk. No one needs a glass of milk that badly. In my defense, it was the next door neighbor of my friend who happened to be a cop.
  4. Elbow dropping someone in a NYC bar on Octoberfest. I may have won the fight, but I lost the war with the bouncers. They were surprisingly gentle as they threw me in the street. Its amazing how fast you can be when someone tells you the cops are on the way.
  5. Walking home 25 miles the day after the Fourth of July. The authorities that picked me up were much nicer at first when they thought I was homeless. A hungover 21 year old was not something they wanted to deal with that day.
  6. Frolicking also known as trespassing on private beach property in the outer banks. That cop had the decency to give me a lift home and have a beer with us.
  7. Getting into with a cabbie over $10 bucks. The cop on the scene saw my point and gave me a free ride home. Had to convince my wife (my girlfriend at the time) that I wasn't a deviant for the next month.
  8. Street signs. Don't know why. For roughly 18 months, they didn't stand a chance. Walking 10 city blocks with the entire stop sign and pole wasn't exactly inconspicuous. I looked like a delinquent Johnny Appleseed. The young officer followed me in the squad car and made me put it back where I found it. Point taken, lesson learned.
  9. Youth is a capricious friend. We have all made our mistakes. A colorful past builds character, 10 years later you are allowed to laugh.