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This year I plan on setting some lofty goals for myself, but it has to be big and it has to positively affect people. I'm comfortable that my career is on track (iOS dev), my personal life is interesting and my health is not too bad. I'm inspired by people like Elon Musk if that helps.
  1. Lists for finding moonshot ideas
  2. Lists for finding one's mission in life
  3. Lists of big problems that need solving
Inspired by @GreenLgtHealing
  1. BJ Novak (@bjnovak)
  2. Arnie
  3. Kevin Costner
    Suggested by   @fedden
It's around 2 or 3 in the morning. You hit that natural wake cycle and you can't get back to sleep. What to do? Also things not to do.
  1. Do try sleep hypnosis tracks
    There are a bunch on Apple Music.
  2. Don't cough loudly to wake sleeping partner for someone to talk to. Wives know what you've done.
  3. Do listen to audio books.
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Things that make Wellington the coolest little capital in the world.
  1. Moore Wilson for the smell of fresh food and oranges, coffee and cheeses.
  2. The quake simulator in Te Papa
  3. Memphis Belle for their coffee and ambience
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Tips for iOS developers.
  1. #warning instead of // TODO
  2. OCMock when unit testing
  3. SOLID for all OO coding
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