Lucky Glauber is the beautiful, sensitive black lab that my partner and I coparent. When Lucky gets a few minutes free, he enjoys reading poetry but often puzzles over the titles. He's recently taken to revising some of his favorites.
  1. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening to pee by Robert Frost
  2. The road not taken because you won't let me off the f*cking leash by Robert Frost
    He really likes Frost.
  3. I am shut out of mine own food storage container by Christopher Brennan
    It's got a really well-sealed lid that vexes the poor dog.
  4. I cannot live with you, so I live above you by Emily Dickinson
    He means to say that to tolerate living with humans, he simply asks us to recognize his superiority.
  5. I have loved flowers that fade because I've peed upon them by Robert Bridges
    Pee is an important theme in his revisions.