The Bacon Breakfast F*cking Cupcake Challenge (a.k.a., The BBFCC)

Follow these steps to sweet, sticky bacon heaven. Sure, it's like the McGriddle went to bacon rehab but hey, bacon. Narrated by my inner Samuel L. Jackson. Take the challenge, and bring YOUR inner SLJ.
  1. Bake a simple f*cking cupcake and put it on a f*cking plate.
    Cupcake courtesy of Becca Glauber.
  2. Cut the motherf*ucker in half.
  3. Add some goddamn bacon.
  4. Close that f*cker up.
  5. Admire the sh*t out of the simple miracle you just created.
  6. Leave no f*cking trace.
  7. Take the Breakfast Bacon F*cking Cupcake Challenge (the BBFCC) and post. Points for creative profanity.