Never do my inner Inigo Montoya and Jamie Lannister show themselves more than when a large rogue ant charges into the kitchen. These are real quotes, uttered just before or during the kill, while some happen during the burial.
  1. "Why won't you die?"
  2. "You're as brave as you are stupid."
  3. "You're like Steven Seagal, you little bastard. You're hard to kill."
    I had to explain the reference to the dying little bug.
  4. "Now this is going to be fun."
    The little bastard interrupted a Game of Thrones episode.
  5. "This is the end, my ant-y friend [squishes ant]. The end."
  6. "Really? You want to die that bad?"
    Try ant-splaining that to a five year old. I did.
  7. "Ssshhhh."
  8. "How about a SWIM!"
    Said just before sweeping it into the sink and into the compactor.