I need to clean better
  1. A half drunken can of cranberry lime seltzer
  2. A bag of unsalted pumpkin seeds, open
  3. Two decks of custom Theory 11 playing cards
  4. A stack of 11 coins that have tipped over
  5. A roll of packing tape
  6. A fishbowl full of old random USB thumbdrives
  7. Crumpled ball of receipts from the past
  8. Hand puppet of donkey...giraffe?
  9. Boxes for Fitbit fitness trackers
  10. Empty can of lemon seltzer
  11. Bottle of Jameson, unopened
  12. Tangle of charging cords, origin unknown
  13. Half used year old Mrs Dash container
  14. Packet of oatmeal
  15. Stress relieving squeeze ball
  16. My laptop