One of the most entertaining hours of my life. I told her to send me everything she found confusing, and we'd go through each. I asked her to tell me what she thought they meant before I explained them.
  1. I have a wall of Post-Its of things that make me happy. My mom pointed out this one. She said she loves sending them but doesn't know what some mean. So we dove in.
    This is after she blindly sent me "dab" and "Fan Fucking Tastic" -
  2. "She's giving up. Or disappointed. That's like, "Oh please no!'
  3. "She has spray paint in her hand. Super?"
  4. "Yo. Yo. Yooooo...Just regular - just say 'hey?'"
    Moms on the board.
  5. "To next screen! But when do you use it?"
    I then had to explain Tinder to her in order to try to provide context in which you'd use this one.
  6. "Adorbs. Totally adorable? Ahhhhhhh! Are you serious?! "
    Two points. Very proud of herself here.
  7. "Fo sho.. It's like when cool people say 'for sure'?"
    On a roll!
  8. "Thug doesn't sound too good. So probably it's like.. Thug is a person that robs people, like a bad kid. 'Messed up life.'" [I then tried to explain meaning and context] "Like if I climbed all the way to Griffith Observatory and it was really tough, and someone asked how my day was, I could say "thug life!""
  9. "She wants a life like a pug? Live like a pug? Do they sleep a lot? Her eyes are half sleepy? She'd rather be resting like a dog? Sleep all the time?"
    No words.
  10. "I dunno, she's not very happy. But all this stuff coming out. So she's happy? Surprised!"
    Back on track!
  11. "I have no idea. I looked and looked. And one day I was gonna use it.. She's kind of "whatever face". At first I thought it was "love" because of the lettering, then I realized it said Y-O-L-O."
  12. "No idea." [I tell her] "Noooo! Are you serious? People say that to each other?"
  13. "Some kind of bad words but it's shortened? Something to do with your bank account? Non Sufficient Fund? Not So Fucking Weird! Not...Some Female Worker? Not So Fast Woman?"
  14. "It's like um... WTF? Can you use it with anybody, or only people who are Jewish?"
    Points for her knowing "WTF"! Totes adorbs when she asked about proper usage, as if this was potentially the most offensive one.
  15. "Dai-yum. Daiiiii-yum. Like a damn? A damn!"
    The power of phonetics!
  16. "She's not happy. Some More Headache!" [Then she acted it out.] "Split My Mead?"
    I loved when she used the character's expressions to figure out the acronym.
  17. "I dunno, she's surprised. Crazy!"
    Proud of her for this one. And then I got to talk about Kreayshawn and Watch the Throne.
  18. "Middle is like Japanese head. Whatever?" [I explained] "People type this out? That seems like a lot of work."
  19. "She's slapping her face. When do people hit their face? For.. Face My... She's hitting her Nose, so it's not an M there.. Face My.. Lie. For My Love?" [I explained] "Fuck My Life? Gaaaaasp!"
  20. "Oh really! Got it!"
  21. "She's laying down. Maybe?"
    She was thrown by all the abbreviations. Also, Moms is never indifferent about anything.
  22. "Oh em effing gee. OMFG? Oh My.. I know OMG is Oh My God. So I hope it's not - it is? That's really bad. That's out."
  23. "If it's Happy Birthday, why is there a casket? Happy Birthday supposed to be a nice thing."
    She makes a great point.