Drizzy Busy
  1. 5 AM
  2. In The Morning
    Lights coming through the drapes
  3. 9 AM
  4. 6 PM
  5. Tuesday
    No time to party on the weekend
  6. Wednesday Night
  7. Draft Day
    Thursday in Late April/Early May
  8. October 24th
    I Am Indeed Its Very Own
  9. November 18th
    3 in the morning: get it poppin' in the parking lot
  10. Later
    When to Thank Me
  11. Now
    Also when to Thank Me. Also, when she wants a photo (but you already know, though).
  12. Forever
    Last name "Ever"
  13. Now & Forever
    Just making sure we've got all present and future tenses covered.
  14. Earlier
    When You Should Have Read This, Now It's Too Late
  15. Soon
    When we can look back and remark how Nothing Was The Same
  16. How Bout Now
    Cause I'm up right now
  17. All Night
    When we're Up
  18. A Night Off
    Gotcha. It's 6 o'clock in the morning at the studio