One last list from my mom's visit to Los Angeles. We had the greatest time.
  1. "Scotty! No. NO! How did they? Oh my gosh! No!" - @thebroadmuseum
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    She was in a constant state of awe, but never more so than when we walked upon the oversized dining set by Robert Therrien.
  2. "How did he? How is he doing that?!" - The Object Lesson
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    What a show - immersive, amazing one-man performance. Ends with Geoff Sobelle pulling off something that resembles a 20-minute magic trick. Fun, beautiful, and haunting.
  3. "Um. You didn't tell me there was a lovemaking scene." - Astraea
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    Moms was able to see ASTRAEA for the first time, and on screen at the gorgeous Arclight. She loved (and cried through) the movie, but reminded me after that about 45 seconds of the film were incredibly awkward for us both.
  4. "[mouth agape, nonstop laughter] - The Magic Castle
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    She's the ideal audience member for The Magic Castle. Great night.
  5. "I just feel... Wowee." - Yoga
    This one was special. I took her to her first ever Yoga class, a Yin/Restorative class. After, she looked at me and said she'd never taken an hour to herself - never before in her life - and just sat with her own thoughts. She told me her mind was at rest, then she started thinking about all the things in her life that made her happy and brought her love. It was beautiful.
  6. "Oh my gosh. This is... Amazing." - Birdman
    She saw me watching the trailer for The Revenant and said, "That looks like a mean movie." I explained to her the technical genius of Iñárritu (shot in chronology only using natural light) and asked if she'd seen Birdman. She hadn't, so I put it on, with the intention of showing her the first long take up to when Keaton and Norton workshop the play... I look at her, we both have tears in our eyes. "Shall I leave it on?" She nods.
  7. "It's so bright! Don't look at it! Scotty, don't!" - Lunar Eclipse
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  8. "Where do they get the idea for these books?" - Taschen Gallery
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    This is another photo from @thebroadmuseum, but we went to the Taschen Gallery so she could see Alfred Wertheimer's new Elvis book (The King is her one true love). She'd never seen books sized or packaged the way Taschen does its limited editions.
  9. "He is so smart. How smart is he? He is so smart." - "Evolutions" exhibit
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    I had to go for the Friday Night Lights, but I knew she'd appreciate the Bond illustration. There's a great accessibility to the work G1988 exhibits, and it proved to fuel some inspiration to her own creativity. Thanks, @jensenclan88.
  10. "[biggest smile ever] - Cinderella Waltz
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    My mom's one wish in life is to dance. She lives in a small town with few such opportunities. In a wonderful stroke of coincidence, I'm currently in a play where my character teaches the lead character to waltz. On the last night my mom was in town, we had a talkback with the audience and were on stage, in costume as the house cleared. I realized it was an opportunity to teach my mom the waltz. We danced and danced.
  11. "Is he... Okay?" - Fetty Wap
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    When the Fetty Wap album came on, the album cover displayed proudly across the dash. I left it playing, and she started grooving in her seat. "Do you like this?" "I like the beat. The words are too fast, but I like the beat."
  12. "You look like JFK Jr." - Hollywood Walk of Fame
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    Amazing compliment that could only be delivered by someone's mother. Unshowered and in running clothes. Love you, Moms.