Needed an extra day this week, thank you so much for granting the extension.
  1. The Oscar Whiteness Machine
    Great perspective on the Oscars themselves as well as the damage from the past two years. "The underlying issue of the Academy’s failure to recognize black artists is the presumption that baseline experience is white experience and that black life is a niche phenomenon, life with an asterisk.” // via @newyorker:
  2. My Wife and I Are (Both) Pregnant
    Incredible story. "The pro and con of having your wife, another woman, go through pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood in tandem with you is that you can't help but compare." // via @nymag:
  3. (Hip-Hop) Billboard Data, Visualized
    Wow. Just go. Keep clicking. Be amazed. // via Polygraph:
  4. DeRay Mckesson Helps Stephen Colbert Address His Privilege
    Colbert is elevating the art of the late night interview to new levels. The last 3 minutes of this are gold. // via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:
  5. David Oyelowo Goes Off on Oscars: "I Am an Academy Member and It Doesn't Reflect Me”
    What a week… Oyelowo’s comments were beautiful and on the mark. // via THR:
  6. Learning Empathy Through Dance
    I LOVE this. “Ladies and gentlemen,” dance as a scientific teaching tool, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. “You can’t touch someone in a ballroom-dance frame and that person, for any length of time, be an ‘other.’” // via The Atlantic:
  7. Why Public Schools Should Reinvent Mentorship
    The power of positive mentorship.. Inspires me to do as much as I can with these opportunities with Story Tribe and Movie Makers. A beautiful example. // via The Atlantic:
  8. Watch: Ryan Coogler's Passionate Speech About The Importance Of Film Criticism, Calls For More Diversity
  9. On the Macklemore song
    'Sympathy for the Macklemore’ via The Atlantic: and 'Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” Didn’t Move Me, But That’s Not The Point’ via The Fader:
  10. Brazil Gives Out Books That Double as Subway Tickets, Promoting Literacy & Mass Transit at Once
  11. Bishop - “The River” and “Wild Horses”
  12. To get into college, Harvard report advocates for kindness instead of overachieving
    I love this shift from academia and accolades to character and humanity as symbols of merit. // via Washington Post: // sidenote: I wish I’d read this article in high school - I told a story at the Moth LA last week about my education path: