1. Unsolicited Thoughts for the Young Men of New York by David Coggins
    Honest, helpful, essential advice. First thing in a long time that actually gave me that old desire to live in New York. // via A Continuous Lean:
  2. Ryan Coogler on ‘Creed,’ Filmmaking as Journalism and the Need for Female Voices (Q&A)
    This interview is so, so, so much more than I thought it’d be. Salute to Mr. Coogler. // via Variety:
  3. Killer Mike Educates Stephen Colbert
    Killer Mike got bars. Dungeon Family allegiances aside, this guy continues to blow my mind. // via The Colbert Report:
  4. Obama: 'I Won't Campaign' With Candidates Who Don't Support Gun Control
  5. CBS Asked by Native American Group Not to Use Redskins Name If Team Gets to Super Bowl
  6. Infographic: Why Some TV Shows Succeed While Others Crash and Burn
  7. Infographic: Analyzing Shakespeare’s Characters
    Genius level chart construction on genius level storytelling. // via Electric Literature:
  8. Words Unwired
    On necessary and genuine solitude to create necessary and genuine literature. "More than ever, we need writers who are unprofessional, whose private worlds come first.” // via @nytimes:
  9. Writing Your Way to Happiness
    I just started Morning Pages (The Artist's Way) with my Mom, happened to read this in the afternoon of our 2nd day. "These writing interventions can really nudge people from a self-defeating way of thinking into a more optimistic cycle that reinforces itself.” // via @nytimes:
  10. "SUP? 2” - sosoupersam
    Flames mix as usual (exposing my best attempts to entertain people with music as amateur), highlighted by Sam’s first original via collaboration. "I DON'T MEAN TO BE DRAMATIC, IT'S ONE SONG, BUT I'M SO NEW TO THE INTOXICATING POWER OF COLLABORATION. THE SIMPLE NOTION THAT WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER AND MAKE EACH OTHER STRONGER.” //
  11. "Airy" - Obey City feat. Kelela
    All credit to @olive for turning me onto this track. Almost too much truth. // via SoundCloud:
  12. "Real Friends > Wolves" - Kanye et al.