1. Study: When It Comes To Identifying As Multiracial, Gender Matters
    "understanding the way people identity themselves racially is crucial for its political consequences. Not only does self-identification shape the American racial landscape, but it also impacts the enforcement of laws, implementation of affirmative action, and allocation of political resources." // via @npr Code Switch:
  2. The Mad Genius Behind Baroo, a Real Life Fermentation Lab
  3. Macklemore Is All of My Woke Ex-Boyfriends
  4. Macklemore's Problem Is That Macklemore Is Bad
  5. Letter of Recommendation: Cracker Barrel
    "The aggression in Southern culture is heightened by the fact that it often passes as gentility.” via @nytimes:
  6. Flint Weighs Scope of Harm to Children Caused by Lead in Water
    “If you were going to put something in a population to keep them down for generations to come, it would be lead,” // via @nytimes:
  7. Diversity in Hollywood: Failure of Inclusion Plagues the Entire Industry
  8. #OscarsSoWhite: Why Black Films Have to Be About MLK and White Movies Can Be About a Mop Inventor
    "There currently are two types of movies that get diverse casts: popcorn movies and homework movies."
  9. Why We Write About Ourselves: Some of Today’s Most Celebrated Writers on the Art of Telling Personal Stories That Unravel Universal Truth
    "It’s a misapprehension that readers have that by writing memoir you’re purging yourself of your demons. Writing memoir has the opposite effect. It embeds your story deep inside you. It mediates the relationship between the present and the past by freezing a moment in time.” // via Brain Pickings:
  10. How do you diagnose the problem of racism in America without understanding its actual history? by Ta-Nehisi Coates
    "You can choose in full awareness of the insufficiency of your options, without elevating those who would have us forget into prophets.” // via The Atlantic:
  11. Delorean to resume production on cars in 2017
  12. Marc E. Bassy - “Wool"
    This guy is sneakily responsible for a disproportionate amount of my favorite new music. His SoundCloud page is batting 1.000:
  13. LANY - "ILYSB" (Video)
    My dudes drop a video for their anthem that's slowly sneaking 'round the world. // via YouTube:
  14. Miguel - "Space Oddity/waves" (Video)
    From School Night/Bardot. // via YouTube:
  15. 2 Chainz - "Watch Out" (Video)
    Can't stop watching. // via YouTube:
  16. Rihanna - “Needed Me”