1. "Choose Your Own Identity" by Bonnie Tsui
    Beautiful, powerful about a nuclear family that parallels my own. // On her son: "More than once in his life, he will be asked, 'What are you?'" // “...when you start mixing up stories, as my family has, much of the institutional meaning of race falls away; it becomes, instead, intensely individual." // via @nytimes:
  2. The making of “Country Grammar”
    Awesome reminder of the greatness of Cornell's first album. "Country Grammar, E.I. Ride Wit Me, Batter Up: my four demo songs." // via Complex’s Magnum Opus series on YouTube:
  3. A Truffle-Filled Day with Action Bronson
  4. "Some Of The Times In 2015 When I Felt My Blackest" by Bim Adewunmi
  5. "The ‘Benefits’ of Black Physics Students" By Jedidah C. Isler
    "The truly damaging part of Chief Justice Roberts’s question is the tacit implication that black students must justify their presence at all. Black students’ responsibility in the classroom is not to serve as “seasoning” to the academic soup." // via @nytimes:
  6. "TV's Challenge For 2016: Taking Immigrant Stories To The Next Level" by Kat Chow
  7. Startup Podcast #19: Diversity Report
    An important look at the makeup of Gimlet Media as a way to discuss social and cultural issues. // via SoundCloud:
  8. The Moth StorySlam - Los Angeles - 12/15/15: Joy.
    5 minutes of self-gloss. Been attending @themoth in Los Angeles regularly as of late; this past Tuesday, I was chosen to tell a story for the very first time, on the topic of Joy. I talked about taking my mom to Memphis for her 60th birthday... I ran in from parking, straight to the mic. (Icing on the cake was finally meeting fellow Beta ListApper @WhelmedDad in person): via SoundCloud: