Too many good things last week. Revamping my weekend routine with the podcast release.. No more Monday reading lists, promise. Maybe we do this on Fridays..
  1. Watching A Brown 'Hamilton' With A White Audience
    "Just two Philly dudes separated by a few dozen feet and a gaping chasm of musical ability sharing this moment of real connection.” // via NPR Code Switch:
  2. How Trump Happened
    A great (and particularly balanced, I think) take on how we got here. Particularly poignant given recent conversations I’ve had with people I love who think very, very differently than me. // via Slate:
  3. "Tha Crossroads" - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony X Sesame Street Version
  4. It's Not All About You! On how awe reduces selfishness and entitlement. Also, more proof that no one should ever be “bored.”
    "awe [is] a cousin to appreciation and gratitude, and links these to the experiences often found in places of worship, where architecture, music, and prayer conspire to draw attendees outside of themselves.” // via Psychology Today:
  5. An Emerging Entry In America's Multiracial Vocabulary: 'Blaxican'
    "Conversations about mixed race tend to focus on looks. Thompson-Hernandez said there's a tendency to talk about the "beauty" of mixed people. But that can be a problem, because it allows us to "confuse racial mixing and interracial marriages with being a panacea for racial intolerance.” // via NPR Code Switch
  6. The Matter of Black Lives
    A thorough and moving profile of the history of the (current iteration of the) Movement. // via The New Yorker:
  7. Where James Beard Meets Rap
    The rise of Action Bronson, the rapper and former chef, is the apotheosis of hip-hop and food culture. // via The Atlantic:
  8. Daft Punk’s amazing merchandise (and corresponding promotional posters)
  9. James Jebbia on Taking Supreme Global
    “I want to do something where a young kid shopping with his parents might be like, ‘Mum, maybe you shouldn’t come in this store with me.’” // via Business of Fashion:
  10. Saving Tomorrow, Today
    A wonderful watch on the hanging needs of education in America. // via NewsOne:
  11. A scientist calculated the cost of not being a straight man, and she wants a tax cut
    “Discrimination is not done by villains,” she said. “It’s done by us.” // via Quartz:
  12. Struggling to talk to your kids about race and privilege? Disney’s “Zootopia” has you covered
    "In the world of Zootopia, carnivores and herbivores, earth-shakers and tiny scuttlers, live side by side in peace. But it’s a peace fraught with tension, bearing the scars, literal and figurative, of a long history of antipathy."
  13. SXSW As Cool And As Real As It Gets, Reports Marketing Associate
  14. The Obama Doctrine
    There’s no way you haven’t see this… a (very) lengthy but necessary read. // via The Atlantic: // if you want to browse a selection of quotes on foreign policy:
  15. Why Media Diversity Matters
  16. My favorite quotes from @nytimes' '25 Songs That Show Where Music Is Going'
  17. “Special Affair/Curse” Video - The Internet
  18. "Wild Things" video - Alessia Cara
  19. Mass + Volume Episode 5 | “It’s Lit (with Noah Cho)”
    I read an article Noah wrote on The Atlantic last year and was so moved by the work he was doing in his middle school English classes. Upon launching the podcast, I cold-emailed him and he agreed to come on as a guest. Two weeks ago, we had an conversation about some powerful things he’s doing and we all can do to educate and empower young minds. // // on iTunes: