1. Shameless
    Guy Who Wears A Stethoscope
  2. New Girl
    Guy Who Wears Velcro Shoes
  3. Macy's
    Guy Who Hands Women's Shoes
  4. Apple
    Tech Guy With Great Hands
  5. Astraea
    Tech Guy Looking For Love
  6. Cinderella Waltz
    Misunderstood Guy Looking For Love
  7. Diving Normal (play)
    Misunderstood Friend Looking For Love
  8. Diving Normal (play 2.0)
    Misunderstood Friend Still Looking For Love
  9. Diving Normal (film)
    Misunderstood Friend STILL Looking For Love
  10. The Social Network
    Friend of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg
  11. Miller Lite
    Friend of NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski
  12. Marsh Light
    Kid Who Plays Guitar
  13. Uncle Vanya
    Helpful Guy Who Plays Guitar
  14. Maybe There's A Tree
    Music Video Director Who Beatboxes (shouts to @bobbyhundreds)
  15. FedEx
    Delivery Guy Who Carries Boxes
  16. CSI: Miami
    Guy Who Rigs Cable Boxes For Extra Cash
  17. 100 Questions
    Guy Who Works At A Vegan Restaurant
  18. Applebee's
    Guy Who Loves Ribs But Hides Behind His Date (maybe because he works at the Vegan Restaurant?)
  19. Like You Mean It
    Voiceover Casting Director Who Hates Everything
  20. Wedding in Provence with my best friends
    Guy Who Loves Everything
  21. With my father
  22. With my nephew
    A Target somewhere in Maryland
  23. With my team
    Ragnar Relay: Florida Keys