Best novel I've read in 10 years. It's about a character who undergoes "racial reassignment surgery" after a self-diagnosis of "racial dysmorphia" - born white and Jewish and now living as a post-op African American. Book was published about 9 months before the Rachel Dolezal headlines hit - it's challenging in all the right ways.
  1. The book itself.
  2. Native Sons: A straight white American man on loving James Baldwin and learning to write about race. (by Row, August 2014)
  3. Watching a Speculative Novel Come to Life in Rachel Dolezal’s Story (by Row, June 2015)
    via Flavorwire *contains plot and theme spoilers
  4. Who Is Rachel Dolezal?
  5. New York Times review *contains plot and theme spoilers
  6. We Wear The Mask: Grace Bello interviews Jess Row
  7. White Flights - American Fiction's Racial Landscape (by Row, August 2013)
    via Boston Review
  8. American Cynicism...And Its Cure (by Row, May 2015)
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