Casual observation from the sidelines.
  1. Occupies an inordinate amount of the weekend.
  2. Scoring is exciting.
  3. Red flags.
    A challenge.
  4. Lots and lots of drinking.
  5. Every guy in the country is having the exact same Fantasy conversation.
  6. A curious amount of speaking in the first person plural.
  7. The college version is a little sloppy.
  8. "Why am I yelling at someone I hardly know?"
  9. Heavy, heavy use of the letters X and O.
  10. After ups and downs and bits of tremendous excitement, it most always ends in disappointment over the long term.
    The odds are too great for even my optimism. It's just not structured to work out the way you dream and hope at the start. And, if it somehow doesn't end in disappointment, others will secretly hate you.
  11. Thanksgiving is Rivalry Week.
    Holidays in general are frustrating.
  12. If something terrible happens, the explanation - no matter how thorough - never helps.
  13. At a party, I want to ignore it and just talk to all the girls in the kitchen.