I teach a filmmaking class at a middle school in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoons. I began last week's class with an opportunity for everyone to share something they felt, thought, or heard about the happenings of that day. This is what they - a dozen students, ages 10-13 - said.
  1. "Mad. Sad. Everyone feels bad. Disappointed."
    The group chorus before we started passing our talking piece around the circle to individually share.
  2. "Donald Trump won. That’s so bad. Because my parents are going to get deported. Anyone else want to go?"
    This student volunteered to speak first. I had him pass the talking piece around the circle so that everyone could share.
  3. "Mad because Donald Trump won."
  4. "Sad and shocking that Donald Trump won."
  5. "Shocked that Donald Trump won."
  6. "Not that shocked. Because I don’t know, it feels like anybody can win."
  7. "Same as them."
  8. "Not really any feelings. I mean, it’s over, it’s done. No need to get mad."
  9. "Shocked that he won."
  10. "Sad because I really thought that Hillary was going to win and she was going to be the first woman president."
    This was the first female student to share.
  11. "Sad, happy, and nothing. Sad that Donald Trump won. Some of my friends have parents from Mexico and are afraid they’re getting deported. Happy because I’m already an American citizen and don’t have to worry. And I feel nothing because something bad might happen now like when there were other presidents people didn't like - I hope not though."
  12. "Kind of disappointed because Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the election. Kind of sad. Kind of happy... because I’m going to go back to my home country and go to school there."
  13. "Disappointed because I really thought Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman president and that she was the right person to lead our country."