We had an especially powerful Council session at one of the high schools last night. We each told a story of how one of our ancestors (family or chosen) either truly saw us or did not see us at all. It opened every heart like nothing I'd ever seen. After that, I gave writing prompts, and we free-wrote. This was my response to one of those prompts:
  1. I find it difficult to contain myself in this room.
  2. I really feel so connected with everyone and safe to share and am astonished and inspired every week to try to make my relationships in the world with friends and family as pure and open as they are in this room.
  3. And THAT is difficult.
  4. Otherwise, outside of Story Tribe, I find it difficult to have patience with my friends who don't seem to make our friendship - or their happiness - a priority.
  5. I want to shake them to tell them they can change things, they can choose their own path, they can show up more, but I am afraid I'll push them away with my "California, New Agey, Liberal" attitude
  6. So I feel stuck on one side of what I think could be the best version of our lives,
  7. Looking back at them,
  8. Sad and frozen.