From a free-writing workshop at an event last weekend. After speaking on the process (i.e. don't stop writing, no editing, no judging), she gave a series of prompts, and we'd all free-write for 2 minutes. After each, several people would read their writing on stage. The final prompt was "I will..." and I was the last to share at the workshop.
  1. I will… take things from this workshop back to the students at RFK and Polytechnic High Schools in Los Angeles.
  2. I will tell them about how important their voice and words are.
  3. How I wish I had a voice - knew my voice - when I was their age.
  4. How they are living in an exciting but scary time.
  5. Where they can contribute, shape, change things.
  6. What A Time. To Be Alive.
  7. I will do my best to be someone they can look up to.
  8. I will try my best to be someone my friends can look up to - and figure out ways in my day where I can give them a voice, or in the case of some of my well-intentioned-but-not-really-getting-the-fact-that-they-need-to-grow type of friends, let them know.
  9. Encourage them to educate themselves.
  10. Pressure them to read, watch, think, not feel safe or secure in a house made of lies.
  11. Wow, this took a turn.
  12. And I guess I used to feel weird jumping on friends who I thought were on the wrong side of an issue, but the last 18 months have really shown me that’s no longer excusable.