I shoulda spoken up.
  1. Girl at the Nike Store at the Grove
    You were a runner, worked with kids, had beautiful tattoos. I bought lyrical dance shoes from you, you didn't miss a beat.
  2. Girl at the commercial callback in Santa Monica
    We choreographed a high five and danced to Prince. Felt like I'd won the lottery.
  3. Girl at the photoshoot downtown
    You said "whose playlist is this?" as I was clothespinning the back of your shirt. I mumbled, "Um. It's mine," and realized this is all I've ever wanted in a soulmate.
  4. Girl making terrible mojitos at my friend's wedding in Tuscany
    Best/worst part about going to weddings as a single is predictably falling in love with a photographer, caterer, bartender, and/or bridesmaid. In this case, it was Rosalee from Sardinia, who did world's best job at making the world's worst mojito.