My response to the other guy's plan. Originally published with Mass + Volume Episode 20 ( Full text with donation, support, information, and action links at
  1. What follows is my 100-day action plan to maintain the greatness and social progress of the country I know. It is a contract between myself and my fellow American citizens, comprising people of all backgrounds, orientations, preferences, ideologies, abilities, shapes, sizes, colors, identities, and income and education levels...
  2. and begins by sending a message of resistance demanding honesty and accountability to the President-elect.
  3. Therefore, on the first day of the new President’s term of office, I will immediately pursue the following six measures to expose the corruption and lack of experience, integrity, and inclusion of the incoming administration to Washington, D.C.:
  4. · FIRST, take all action I possibly can to ensure a one-term limit for the incoming President;
  5. · SECOND, consistent recommendations to block the President-elect’s twitter account to reduce its legitimacy through attrition;
  6. · THIRD, a requirement that for every one piece of news I share, I use two methods to verify its source and legitimacy;
  7. · FOURTH, a commitment to call or write the White House and my Congressional representatives on all issues vital to civil rights or progress;
  8. · FIFTH, create a weekly newsletter that offers three articles, videos, or other pieces of media from a range of sources or perspectives on political or cultural matters;
  9. · SIXTH, a complete ban on any products, companies, or services that support corruption, greed, or are otherwise anti-humanity.
  10. On the same day, I will begin taking the following 7 actions to protect American lives that matter:
  11. · FIRST, continue to tell stories of cultural identity, social dynamics, and intersectionality on Mass + Volume;
  12. · SECOND, make at least one contribution per month to support the efforts of organizations such as the NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, SPLC, NOW, and others;
  13. · THIRD, volunteer on the ground at least once per month to support the efforts of organizations such as the NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, SPLC, NOW, Love Army, or local groups protecting and promoting civil rights;
  14. · FOURTH, direct funds and activity to black-owned banks and businesses;
  15. · FIFTH, lift the spirits of young minds, using my experience in education to mentor in hopes of inspiring the development of agency, empathy, and resilience;
  16. · SIXTH, make a monthly donation to support the efforts to protect Standing Rock or other Native Lands and rights;
  17. · SEVENTH, commit to reducing my carbon footprint while supporting the efforts to prevent Climate Change via monthly donation or volunteering.
  18. Additionally, on the first day, I will take the following five actions to restore my faith in the government and constitutional rule of law:
  19. · FIRST, speak out against every unconstitutional executive action taken by the new President;
  20. · SECOND, support the outspoken leaders protecting civil and social rights and the ethical processes of the government, including but in no way limited to, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, and others;
  21. · THIRD, promote funding and support to Sanctuary Cities;
  22. · FOURTH, support, meet with, and share the stories of undocumented immigrants to replace the association of “criminal” with “human” — including, but not limited to, a short film documentary telling the stories of DREAMers and the necessity of protecting DACA;
  23. · FIFTH, insist on reviews of the highest integrity for the incoming administration by the Office of Government Ethics as well as a response and plan of action on the federal intelligence community’s report on Russian involvement in the 2016 election.
  24. Next, I will study and/or work on the following broader social measures, educating myself and fighting for actionable solutions within the first 100 days of the new Administration:
  25. 1. To hear and live through stories of the American experience: the ten plays in August Wilson’s The Pittsburgh Cycle.
  26. 2. To develop a voice against segregation: the work of writers like Nikole Hannah-Jones and Jeff Chang.
  27. 3. To participate in the undoing of institutional racism: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor, and Stamped From The Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi.
  28. 4. To better comprehend and support decolonization (and retain a sense of active, intentional hope): Radical Hope by Jonathan Lear.
  29. 5. To understand the racialization of politics: the work of writers like Jelani Cobb and Michael Tesler.
  30. 6. To fight for feminism: the work of Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Maya Angelou, Nayyirah Waheed, and many others.
  31. 7. To re-learn old lessons: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin and Robert Kennedy And His Times by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
  32. 8. To speak out, but to listen more than I speak.
  33. 9. To push back and confront, 100% of the time, casual racism, misogyny, and other harmful rhetoric used in my presence.
  34. 10. To participate in protests, marches, rallies, workshops, panels, and other mobilization or educational opportunities to build the mass and amplify the volume for causes and people that matter to me.
  35. On November 9th, I woke with the realization that I must apply my whole self to the protection of the prosperity of this country and the security of our communities. Since November 9th, I’ve seen a lack of honesty and integrity from our incoming executive branch officials and will fight to educate myself and others on the way to resistance.
  36. This is my pledge.
  37. And if we follow these steps, we will have a government that understands it must be by and for the people.