My best friend and I rolled out to see a friend at Spring Training in Phoenix last week. We had a blast.
  1. Hanging on the green.
    The loose, casual, free atmosphere of Spring Training games is awesome.
  2. Caught a foul ball.
  3. Photos with the Sausage Racers.
  4. Very strong Airbnb.
    Pool, putting green, fire pit, horseshoe pit..
  5. Camelback Mountain hike.
  6. One more from Camelback Summit
    Top of The Hump
  7. Late night car shopping.
    We browsed a dealership at midnight - they were kind enough to leave some of the cars unlocked for us.
  8. Pizzeria Bianco
    Finally made it. Other delicious meals: Flower Child, North Italia, Snooze.
  9. First Christian Church
    Did a drive-by to check out the wild architecture.
  10. James Turrell's 'Air Apparent'
    Caught the sunset program. I'll never get over sitting in a Skyspace.
  11. I-10W aka Fury Road
    Crazy winds and sandstorms on the return trip.
  12. Zoe Saldana
    Our friend Donna happened to also be in town, we met for dinner one night and realized we could say, "So we... SawDonna!"